Data & Graphs Tool

Key employment trends - EU 27


This page provides visualizations related to employment metrics in EU-27 over time (such as total or youth (un)employment rates, part-time/temporary/involuntary employment, NEET, etc.).

Data and visualizations are provided both at the country and regional (NUTS) levels.

We also present the same data in searchable tables.

Data and charts can also be downloaded as csv and png files, respectively.

The visualizations charts show how the value of a selected variable, e.g., unemployment, (y-axis) changes over time (x-axis) for one or more countries or NUTS regions (different lines/curves). The visualizations can be adapted, by selecting:

  • Type of variables: Absolute values (i.e., population in thousands) or Rates (i.e., percentages, %) for each variable
  • Variables: The variable to visualize (employment, unemployment, NEET, etc.)
  • Countries/NUTS: The set of countries or regions (NUTS) can be selected to be visualized; they appear as different lines in the same plot (and hovering the mouse over a line, the line is highlighted and a pop up appears with the country/region name)
  • Normalization/Year: An option to normalize values (available only for the “Absolute values” option), where -if selected- the values for each year are normalized with the value of a reference year, i.e., normalized_value = value / value_at_reference_year * 100%. Different reference years can be selected, or normalization can be deselected. By default this option is not selected.

    For example, if 2008 is selected as the reference year, and the employment for a region at 2008 and 2009 is 50 (thousands) and 40 (thousands), respectively, then the normalized value appearing in the graph for 2009 will be 40/50 = 0.8 = 80%.

A note on rates

The rates are calculated differently for each variable, i.e., each rate has a different physical meaning. Details are provided in the table below. Also, each variable (population or rates) refers only to people within the age group noted in the table below.

Country-level visualizations

NUTS-level visualizations

The visualization below is at a per NUTS level. One or more countries can be selected to be visualized. When a country is selected, all the nuts in the country appear as different lines in the same plot.

Analysis of employment per sector

The following charts show how the employment in a country or region is shared among the different sectors, e.g., Mining and quarrying, Wholesale and retail, etc.. The charts (called, spider charts or radar charts) show the fraction of Employed population in the sector over the Total employed population. The fraction/rates take values from 0 (i.e., 0%) to 1 (i.e., 100%).

There are two charts, one at a country-level and another at a NUTS-level. Multiple countries/regions can be selected, and they appear as different colors/lines in the chart. Using the option for the year of reference shows how the rates change over time.