Institution & Funding

The e-ResLab Aegean, namely the Observatory of Technologies and Analyses for Employment and Resilience in the Euro-Med area, is established at the Department of Geography of the University of the Aegean.

The e-ResLab Aegean is implemented by the Labour Geography Research Lab (LGRL) of the aforementioned Department. LGRL is a very active lab leading or participating into a number of funded research projects. Indicatively:

  • YOUTHShare (A Place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Resilient and Sharing Economies for NEETs), funded by the Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the framework of the EEA and Norway Grants fund for Youth Employment.

  • Rework Aegean, funded by ELIDEK.

  • The future of Resettlement: Vulnerability Revisited, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

  • Participatory action research to address un/under-employment at the local level, funded by the Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the framework of the EEA and Norway Grants fund for Youth Employment.

LGRL has long track-record of published research papers. Indicatively:

  • Herod, A., Gourzis, K., Gialis, S. 2021. Inter-regional underemployment and the industrial reserve army: Precarity as a contemporary Greek drama. European Urban and Regional Studies 28(4), pp. 413–430

  • Gourzis, K., Herod, A., Chorianopoulos, I., Gialis, S. 2021. On the recursive relationship between gentrification and labour market precarisation: Evidence from two neighbourhoods in Athens, Greece. Urban Studies

  • Gialis, S., Paitaridis, D., Seretis, S., Ioannides, A., Underthun, A. 2020. In what terms and at what cost resilient? ‘Unregulated flexibilization’ in regional ‘troubled waters’. European Planning Studies 28(1), pp. 166–191

  • Gourzis, K., Gialis, S. 2019. Dismantled Spatial Fixes in the Aftermath of Recession: Capital Switching and Labour Underutilization in the Greek Capital Metropolitan Region. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 43(4), pp. 741–759

  • Gialis, S., Leontidou, L. 2016. Antinomies of flexibilization and atypical employment in Mediterranean Europe: Greek, Italian and Spanish regions during the crisis. European Urban and Regional Studies 23(4), pp. 716–733

The e-ResLab Aegean is being developed in the framework of the Regional Excellence Support program of the Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation framework program as a sub-project, under the title e-Aegean Data Services [Inter-regional Data Network Centre] of the wider e-Aegean R&D Network project [Network for Research and Technology of the Aegean Archipelago: Regional Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Excellence Support].